Man remanded in custody after allegedly insulting, injuring ex-girlfriend

The court also heard that when he visited his ex-girlfriend, the accused dragged her into her home, punched her and tried to choke her

A 34-year-old man from Santa Lucija has been charged with harassment after allegedly inundating his ex-partner with threatening messages and phone calls.

The man was arraigned before Magistrate Joe Mifsud on Wednesday by Inspector Audrey Micallef, accused of harassing the woman, insulting or threatening her, misusing an electronic communications network. He was also charged with assaulting and slightly injuring the woman and with damaging her front door. The man was additionally accused of being a recidivist.

Inspector Micallef told the court that after besieging his ex-partner with a large amount of threatening messages and phone calls, the defendant had turned up on her doorstep on Christmas Eve. 

The woman had answered the knock on the door to find the defendant there. When she refused his request that she let him sleep on the sofa, he had forced his way into the house, dragging her the length of the building, punching her in her arms and legs, before trying to choke her.

She had tried to hide in the bedroom and called the police, while he smashed a number of windows and damaged items of furniture. 

The police had initially been unable to find the defendant at his address or workplace. He was later traced and arrested after spending a month on the run, following another police report filed by the woman on January 19, because the abusive phone calls had continued.

The defendant pleaded not guilty. 

Lawyer Victor Bugeja, assisting the defendant as legal aid counsel, did not request bail at this stage.