Man’s domestic violence charges fall through after partner drops report

Accused’s partner and alleged victim drops domestic violence charges to spare him a stint in jail

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A man’s arraignment on domestic violence charges fell through on Tuesday after his partner, the alleged victim, dropped her report to spare him a stint in jail.

The 49-year-old Ugandan defendant was arraigned before Magistrate Jean Paul Grech, charged with slightly injuring his Japanese partner and causing her to fear that he would be violent towards her at their home in Birkirkara on Sunday.

Police Inspector Colin Sheldon told the court how the Birkirkara police station received a report about a domestic incident during the afternoon on Sunday April 14.

Officers arriving at the scene found the woman already being treated for a bleeding head wound by ambulance staff, who then transported her to hospital.

Her partner was then taken into custody.

But when it was time for the man to be charged, the woman addressed the court in broken English, with the help of a mobile translation app.

“I don’t want to charge him with anything. I don’t want him to go to jail,” she said, explaining that they had been a couple for seven years.

Magistrate Grech explained to the woman that if the charges were dropped, they could not be re-issued were she to change her mind. She confirmed her wish to withdraw her complaint and it was a decision she had willingly reached herself.

The court, after hearing the woman’s declaration, abstained from taking further cognisance of the charges.

The magistrate however, warned the man that although the court had decided to grant the woman’s request in view of the circumstances of the case, the law did not oblige it to.

The victim wanted to give him a second chance, said the court. “I hope that this serves as a lesson and nothing of the sort ever happens again.” The man confirmed that he had understood.

Lawyer Martin Fenech appeared for the accused.