Drunkard husband gets suspended sentence for assaulting elderly wife

Husband handed suspended sentence after court notes it was not his first attack on his wife

Anthony Agius, of Birkirkara, was given a two-year jail term suspended for three years and placed under a supervision order after being found guilty of seriously injuring his 60-year-old wife.

The attack, which the court noted had happened before, occurred on October 6, 2011, when the accused, who was in a drunken state, assaulted his wife, seriously injuring her.

Despite suffering serious injuries and being continuously threatened, the accused’s wife, Concetta, withdrew a criminal complaint against her husband, forgave him, and begged him to return home.

Magistrate Aaron Bugeja, hearing the case, did not renounce criminal proceedings, noting that this was not the first time that the accused had assaulted his wife.

In handing down judgement, the court noted that the victim had forgiven her husband and told the court that she wanted her husband back home.

“This court finds it difficult to understand how a person who was assaulted in that way decides to withdraw her criminal complaint against the person who seriously injured her.”

“This withdrawal may send a wrong message that domestic violence is excusable,” the magistrate said.

Magistrate Bugeja found the accused guilty of seriously injuring his wife and of threatening her, and sentenced him to imprisonment for two years, suspended for three.

The court also placed him under a supervision order and ordered him to undergo treatment against his drinking habit.

Inspector Priscilla Caruana prosecuted.