Daughter of wrongly jailed man reiterates guilty plea

Mother's lawyer "not convinced" by daughter's admission, requests daughter to undergo a psychological examination

Leanne Camilleri, the daughter of Emanuel Camilleri – the man who was sentenced to two years in prison for allegedly defiling his daughter – has today reconfirmed her guilty plea to perjury.

However, Camilleri’s guilty plea was objected to by lawyer Martin Fenech, who is appearing in parte civile for the accused’s mother, Lisa May Camilleri.

Fenech said that during a magisterial inquiry, Magistrate Consuelo Scerri Herrera had argued that Leanne Camilleri needs psychological help and that consequently her admission should not hold water.

The magisterial inquiry was held in light of the furore that surrounded the imprisonment of Emanuel Camilleri, after new evidence had emerged that the allegations were untrue.

“During the magisterial inquiry, Magistrate Herrera had said that Leanne needs psychological help, and therefore, the accused needs to undergo a psychological examination before admitting to the charges.”

“In light of the magisterial inquiry, she is not fit to stand trial,” Fenech said.

On his part, prosecuting officer Sandro Camilleri said the girl had admitted many times during interrogation. Moreover, defence lawyer Maxiline Ciantar told the court that a psychological examination of the daughter need not be carried out.

“God forbid that all those who undergo psychological treatment need to carry out a psychological examination. If that were to happen, half of Malta would need to carry out a psychological examination.”

“She [Leanne Camilleri] only needs psychological treatment to deal with her trauma. She is working to integrate into society, and as soon as this case ends, she will start a new life,” Ciantar argued.

Magistrate Doreen Clarke rejected the plea, arguing that the request is “unjustified in light of the circumstances.”

On her part, Leanne Camilleri today confirmed her guilty plea.

During court proceedings, lawyer Martin Fenech said “it is strange that Leanne’s mother [Lisa May Camilleri] was arraigned under arrest, while her daughter was arraigned in court under a contravention.

Moreover, the lawyer hinted that there is a deal in place between the prosecution and the defence. This was however quickly rebutted by the defence counsel and the prosecution, with the former arguing that the allegation is an insult to the judiciary.

The case was adjourned until 27 August and a pre-sentencing report was also ordered.

Lawyers Tonio Azzopardi and Martin Fenech are appearing in parte civile, while Maxiline Ciantar is representing Leanne Camilleri. Inspector Sandro Camilleri prosecuted.

Leanne Camilleri is pleading guilty to lying under oath during the compilation of evidence against 48-year-old Emanuel Camilleri. In May 2012, Emanuel Camilleri was jailed for two years for defiling his daughter.

However during the girl subsequently recanted her allegations, while further medical exams carried out on the girl revealing that she was still a virgin.

A constitutional court then released the man on an interim measure after the daughter, now 20, recanted the original version of events after new evidence led to the mother being charged with perjury and remanded in custody.

Her father is currently undergoing constitutional proceedings against inspector Louise Calleja, the Attorney General, and the Police Commissioner, claiming that his right to fair trial was breached.

Her mother is also undergoing perjury proceedings as she stands accused of instigating her daughter to testify that her father had raped her several times. She was subsequently placed under a bill of indictment and remanded in custody.