Man imprisoned, fined for 1999 drug bust

Accused was fined €2500 and imprisoned for three years

Anthony Borg, from Zebbug, was today imprisoned after a court found him guilty of trafficking heroin between 1999 and 2002.

This is Borg’s second arraignment for drug trafficking. The police raided Borg’s residence in April 1999 and found not only the drugs, but also a group of people waiting to buy drugs from him.

He was charged with trafficking heroin and being in possession of illegal substances in circumstances indicating they were not for his personal use.

Inspector Mario Borg testified that in a pigeon loft on his roof, the police had found a Kinder egg that contained “paper capsules and a small bag full of brown powder”. As the police were leaving, a certain Anthony Abela knocked on the door with Lm5 in his hand, which he wanted to pass on to Anthony Borg. He was also arrested but claimed that he was simply paying an existing debt.

The court also heard how, in 2002, the police similarly arrested another alleged buyer at Borg’s home.

Magistrate Natasha Galea Sciberras sentenced Borg to three years imprisonment and fined him €2500. The court also ordered the destruction of the illegal drugs.