Algerian man deported after filing false declaration to Identity Malta

Seif Eddie Ladara deported to Algeria after pleading guilty to having made a false identiy declaration to the police and Identity Malta 

An Algerian man is to be deported after admitting to having made a false identity declaration to the police and Identity Malta.

Seif Eddie Ladara, 28, arrived in Malta five days ago and had been living in Santa Venera. He pleaded guilty in court of submitting a false declaration to the police, an issue that came to light when he submitted an application to Identity Malta 

The prosecution declared that the accused had a clean police conduct sheet, and that he had only been in Malta for five days and was due to leave tomorrow.

Inspector Darren Buhagiar declared that he had cooperated fully with the police investigation and “had also assisted in another investigation.” The prosecution informed the court that it was currently in the process of making arrangements for the man's deportation to Algiers.

The court, presided by magistrate Consuelo Scerri Herrera, found the man guilty and handed him a six month sentence suspended for two years.

Lawyer Noel Mifsud Cutajar was legal aid.