Husband charged with breaking wife's nose with headbutt

Defence lawyer claims that the wife 'wants to ruin the man's life'

A care worker has been remanded in custody after he appeared in court today, charged with breaking his wife's nose with a headbutt.

40-year-old, Solomon Abebe Hilemariam, an Eritrean residing in Valletta, was arraigned under arrest before magistrate Doreen Clarke this morning.

Police inspector Priscilla Caruana Lee charged the Eritrean with grievously injuring his wife, causing her to fear that violence would be used against her and threatening her.

Defence lawyer Yanika Bugeja entered a plea of not guilty on behalf of the accused and requested bail.

The prosecution, however objected to bail, explaining that the accused shared a house with the only witness in this case, his wife.

Police had received previous reports of the accused making harassing phone calls to his wife.

Bugeja explained that the accused was a protestant and his pastor had offered to allow him to share his accommodation. 

Hilemariam wanted to take care of his daughter, who is currently in residential care, said the lawyer.

“I am informed that his wife had told him that she wants to ruin his life,” asserted the lawyer. “He does not want to have anything to do with her whatsoever.”

The court, however, denied the request at this stage, in view of the possibility of the accused tampering with evidence. The court ordered the witness to be produced to testify within the next 15 days.