Polish chef pleads guilty to stealing from restaurant safe

A Polish chef who stole €400 from a safe at the restaurant where he worked has admitted to the theft.

A Polish chef who helped himself to nearly €400 from a safe at the restaurant where he worked, has admitted to the theft.

Inspector Jeffrey Scicluna arraigned Kamil Rozycki before magistrate Anthony Vella, accusing him of having stolen €390 from Rampila Restaurant in Valletta between 23 May and 11 June.

Lawyer Victor Bugeja explained that the man had a drug problem and had stolen to fund this habit. Rozycki, 37, pleaded guilty to the theft, which was aggravated by value and means.

In view of his guilty plea, the court handed Rozycki to 1 year in prison, suspended for 3 years. He was also placed under the supervision of a probation officer.