Applications for police conduct can now be made online

Legal amendments allow Maltese citizens to apply for their police conduct online

Home Affairs Minister Carmelo Abela visits the Criminal Records Office
Home Affairs Minister Carmelo Abela visits the Criminal Records Office

As of next week, applications for police conduct certificate can be done online.

Those with a Maltese Id-card can apply for police conduct online through e-id system and will receive it at the comfort of their home, without having to go at the Criminal Records Office in Floriana.

The certificate will then be sent by post.

During a visit at the Police Criminal Records Office, Home Affairs Minister Carmelo Abela said that, following discussion with the Data Protection Commissioner, led to legal amendments in June 2016.

Applicants would receive the certificate by post on the address registered on the ID card. The conduct is printed on a secure paper.

A person eligible for conduct Type A, known as clean conduct, would receive a confirmation via email that this was processed and sent by post.

A person eligible for conduct Type B will receive an email asking if he/she wishes to proceed with an online application. A Type B conduct can be either collected personally from Criminal Records Office or receive it via registered post. 

Payment for online conduct certificates will remain as is, adding the post fee.

During 2015, 58,000 conduct certificates were issued. From January to October 2016, around 56,000 conduct certificates were issued, with summer months being the busiest.

A substantial part of the work of the Criminal Records Office includes updating of the criminal record, following a court sentence. Last year, the office received 18,063 notifications on people that were convicted by the Court. 11,080 were crimes whilst 6,983 were contraventions.

The Criminal Records Office is also conducting verifications related to Malta’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2017. Till now, 9,000 people have already been verified.

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