Man accused of throwing knife during lunchtime row

The man has denied charges that he threw a knife at another person

A Somali man has been released on bail after denying charges that he threw a knife at a fellow resident at the Marsa open centre last Sunday.

Jeylani Abdullahi Bando, 24, appeared before magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech this afternoon, accused slightly injuring Jama Elmi Mohamed when he threw the pointed instrument at him during a fight during lunch at Hal Far Tent Village.

Lawyer Noel Bartolo was appointed legal aid by the court as the accused had no means to appoint a private defence lawyer.

Prosecuting officer Charlotte Curmi exhibited a copy of the accused's criminal record.

In broken English, Bando pleaded not guilty, claiming that he had been attacked by two persons and begging not to be sent to jail.

The man said that after the men had attacked him he had gone to the Marsa police station to file a report, only to be told that he had to file his police report at the police station closest to where the crime was committed.

The court told the man that this was not true. “That is nonsense. You can file a police report anywhere. The next time this happens, you inform a lawyer, understand?”

Bail was requested. The prosecution objected to bail as the man had no fixed address. The court was told that he had been kicked out of the Marsa Open Centre “because he was a troublemaker,” and now lived with a friend in Marsa.

The court, however, granted Bando bail against a bond of €1000, ordering him to observe a curfew and sign a bail book daily. A protection order in favour of Jama Elmi Mohamed was also issued.

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