Tip-off leads to police discovery of garage drug stash, man charged

A man has been charged with aggravated possession of cocaine and other drug-related charges after police raided his garage yesterday

A man has been charged with aggravated possession of cocaine and other drug-related charges after police officers, acting on confidential information about drug-related activity, raided his garage yesterday.

Self-employed car dealer Melvin Debono, 26 from Paola, was also charged with being in possession of cannabis and breaching a number of conditional discharges. The court was told how inside his garage, the police discovered 73 packets of what they believed to be cocaine hidden in a tin container and a Nutella jar, together with another 225g of cocaine in various sachets, as well as a small amount of marijuana.

Debono pleaded not guilty to aggravated possession of cocaine, simple possession of cannabis resin and grass, breaching the conditions of a suspended sentence he received last November and with breaching no less than 4 conditional discharges from various courts. 

Inspector Justine Grech, who is leading the prosecution, objected to Debono’s bail request. However, defence lawyer Franco Debono, argued that there was no possibility of him tampering with evidence or approaching civilian witnesses, and therefore no obstacle to his release from arrest. 

Magistrate Grazio Mercieca granted the man bail against a €2,000 deposit and a €10,000 personal guarantee.