Traffic accident lands unlucky firearms collector in court

An unlucky chain of events resulted in a man being fined and charged with the incorrect storage of firearms

'Avoid tragedies by storing your weapons properly', the court told the accused, Anthony Camilleri
'Avoid tragedies by storing your weapons properly', the court told the accused, Anthony Camilleri

A man has been fined €1500, after an unlucky chain of events led to him being charged with the incorrect storage of firearms.

The accused, Anthony Camilleri had sold his car to a third party, who soon after purchasing the vehicle, had been involved in a traffic accident.

The driver was questioned by police officers after two loose shotgun cartridges were found rolling underneath the seat. After he explained that he had just bought the vehicle from the accused, the police had raided Camilleri’s Balzan home.

A search of the premises found a number of licensed shotguns that were being stored incorrectly, close to their ammunition, as well as an unlicensed air gun.

The accused explained that he was a long-time firearms collector. Workers had been carrying out renovation works in the area of the premises where he kept his gun safe and so, he had temporarily moved the three shotguns and their ammunition to a cupboard. The air gun was a new purchase that he had not yet registered, his lawyer told the court.

A distressed-looking Camilleri pleaded guilty to a number of charges under the Arms Act relating to the storage and transportation of firearms and ammunition.

The defendant’s lawyer, Anthony Ellul, argued that the accused had done his best to remain in conformity with the law inasmuch as his circumstances allowed. He added that his client was very sorry about what happened and would be taking steps to remedy the situation.

The court, in view of Camilleri’s guilty plea, declared him guilty of the charges and imposed a fine of €1500, telling the man to “avoid tragedies by storing your weapons properly.”

Inspector Sergio Pisani prosecuted.

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