No bail for father and son charged with setting stolen Mercedes ablaze

Alfred Tonna and his 16-year-old son stole a car, stripped it for parts and set it ablaze

Alfred Tonna, 49, from Floriana and his teenage son were this morning charged with stealing a Mercedes from Gudja, stripping it for its parts and setting it on fire.

The father was further charged with breaching a suspended sentence and recidivism. His son, whose name cannot be published by court order, was also charged with breaching the conditions of a court judgment.

The pair pleaded not guilty and their lawyers Alfred Abela and Lennox Vella asked for bail, however the prosecution objected, insisting there were still civilian witnesses, including a young child, who had yet to testify.

Inspector Fabian Fleri argued the crimes they were charged with were of "a certain gravity" and the father had a criminal past.

Abela argued that the crime had happened in April and if the accused were going to approach any witnesses this would already have happened, arguing that the court could impose conditions.

However, Magistrate Joe Mifsud refused bail and ordered the pair be remanded in custody.

Apart from Fleri, Inspectors Jonathan Ransley and Lydon Zammit also prosecuted.