Two homeless men remanded in custody for allegedly stealing a tablet

The two accused were ordered to leave the YMCA hostel they were staying at after another resident's tablet was stolen

Two men, who were accused of having stolen the tablet of another resident at the YMCA hostel they were staying at, have been remanded in custody.

Roderick Castillo, 38, and Adam Callus, 27, whose last residence was the YMCA hostel in Msida, were charged with having stolen the Samsung tablet of another hostel resident on 29 July.

Castillo, who works as a driver, was also accused of breaching a probation order, while Callus, a waiter, was charged with being a recidivist.

Both pleaded not guilty and were remanded in custody, since they do not have any residence to go to.

Lawyer Martha Mifsud was legal aid for the accused.