Man charged with partner's murder

Lourdes Agius, a mother of six, was found dead by her mother on Saturday

Michael Emmanuel, a 28-year-old Ivorian national, has been charged in court today with the wilful homicide of his partner on Saturday.

Lourdes Agius, 35, with whom Emmanuel had three children, was found dead in her Paola apartment by her mother yesterday.

Emmanuel was also charged with Immigration Act violations, and with being in possession of a fake Greek ID card and driver’s licence.

Agius, who was a mother of six, having given birth to a baby just a few weeks ago, had significant bruise marks around her neck when her body was discovered.

The accused was reportedly found holding their two-month-old baby when police arrived on the scene at the apartment.

The court, presided over by Magistrate Caroline Frendo Dimech, heard how Emmanuel and the victim had lived together for the past three years.

The prosecution said that both the victim and her mother, who is 64, had been in the past months victims of physical and psychological abuse by Emmanuel.

Inspector James Grech, prosecuting, said the accused had disobeyed their orders after being apprehended following the murder.

Emmanuel was remanded in custody.

Lawyer Michael Sciriha was defence counsel for the accused.

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