Woman charged with two hold ups

Accused remanded in custody after being charged with robbing a McDonald's restaurant and a lotto booth

The McDonald's restaurant in Valley Road, Birkirkara
The McDonald's restaurant in Valley Road, Birkirkara

A woman has been remanded in custody after she was charged with committing two hold ups.

Claire Polidano, 42, pleaded not guilty before magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech after she was charged with robbing a McDonald’s restaurant in Birkirkara on 7 October, as well as a lotto booth on 2 October.

The homeless woman was charged with aggravated theft, detaining persons against their will, carrying a knife in public and breaching a number of court orders.

The Court noted that three persons had been held at knifepoint. Bail was requested. The prosecution objected to bail as civilian witnesses were yet to testify, the accused had breached a number of sentences and had no fixed address.

Both the prosecution and defence told the court that the woman needed treatment.

Bail was denied.

Fenech appealed to the court to detain the woman at Mount Carmel Hospital. The Court communicated the request to the director of prison for his input.

Inspectors Lydon Zammit, Elton Taliana and Fabian Fleri prosecuted.

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