Youth accused of stealing car, disobeying police orders to stop

Bail was not requested by the young man’s lawyers, who told the court that his father wanted him to be placed under a supervision order and taught a lesson

(File Photo)
(File Photo)

A young man has been remanded in custody after being charged with stealing a car and failing to stop when ordered to by the police.

The 17-year-old youth, who cannot be named by court order, appeared before magistrate Josette Demicoli this morning, accused of the theft of the vehicle, driving without a licence or insurance cover, attacking or resisting a police officer and attempted grievous bodily harm.

Inspector Colin Sheldon explained how a person had reported the car as stolen in Msida on 17 October. Police RIU officers later spotted the car in Luqa with the accused behind the wheel and his girlfriend as passenger. They had tried to stop it but the accused drove off.

Further up the road, he got stuck behind a van and was arrested. The accused, a student at MCAST, pleaded not guilty.

Lawyer Franco Debono, defence counsel together with Amadeus Cachia, did not request bail for the youth, explaining that his father wanted him to be placed under a supervision order and taught a lesson.

“Furthermore, the stolen car was unlocked and had its key in ignition,” pointed out the lawyer. 

At this stage, he said, he would not be requesting bail.

The boy had no prior brushes with the law and had simply acted on impulse, he said.  “The situation is salvageable,” Debono said.

The court recommended the youth be placed on probation and appointed a parole officer. 

The accused’s name is subject to a ban on publication owing to his age.