70-year-old fined €800 for calling police officer 'a liar'

Court refutes charge that an elderly man resisted arrest but finds him guilty of insulting a police officer after an altercation in Qormi

The elderly man was fined €800
The elderly man was fined €800

A septuagenarian has been slapped with an €800 fine and conditionally discharged for calling a police officer a liar during an argument earlier this year.

70 year-old Rosario Cortis had been charged with insulting or threatening the police constable, failing to obey legitimate police orders, interfering with the performance of the officer’s duties, resisting the police and breaching the peace after an argument with the officer became heated.

The alleged altercation took place in Qormi last February.

The Court of Magistrates, presided by Magistrate Simone Grech, ruled that it had not been proven that  “there had been some form of attack or resistance accompanied by the use of force, violence or aggression.” Insults or threats did not qualify for the purposes of the offence of resisting arrest with which the man was charged, said the court.

However, the court did find sufficient evidence to convict the accused of the other charges, noting that calling the officer a “liar” during the course of his duties was an insult.

Finding him guilty of that charge, the court handed the man conditional discharge and imposed an €800 fine.