Man pleads guilty to injuring partner's son, claims self-defence

The man was handed a suspended sentence

A man who admitted to having injured his partner’s son, albeit in self defence, has been handed a suspended sentence this morning.

The man was arrested after a fight broke out at the man’s home which he shares with his partner and her two sons, aged 14 and 20.

Magistrate Monica Vella heard how the violent incident had occurred in the early hours of Wednesday morning when the elder son, who had moved in with his mother last month, was asked to find somewhere else to live as he was allegedly "a bad influence" on the family.

The man had become irate and it was at that point that the accused had stepped in to defend the woman and her child.

“Thank God I was there. You can see from my face,” the bruised man told the court, pointing towards his swollen and purple eye.

He pleaded guilty to the charges.

The court declared the accused guilty upon his own admission and condemned him to a six-month jail term suspended for two years, also imposing a Protection Order.

A ban on publication of all names was ordered to protect the identity of the minor involved.

Inspector Roderick Attard prosecuted.

Lawyer Francina Abela was legal aid counsel.

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