Man accused of threatening parents with a knife

The accused allegedly refused to obey police orders when they were called in to defuse the situation

The man was remanded in custody
The man was remanded in custody

A man has been remanded in custody after having allegedly threatened his parents with a knife in the early hours of Thursday morning and resisting the police when they intervened to control the situation. 

Wayne Caruana, 40, from Ghaxaq, was arraigned in court this morning, pleading not guilty to threatening the couple with a knife, threatening two police officers, slightly injuring them and violently resisting arrest. 

Caruana was additionally charged with having been drunk in public, refusing to obey police orders and with being a recidivist. 

Inspector Colin Sheldon explained to the court that the alleged incident had occurred at the parents’ home and how the accused had refused to obey orders when police officers were called in to defuse the situation. 

A request for bail by the accused’s lawyer, legal aid counsel Dustin Camilleri, was turned down by the court, presided over by magistrate Audrey Demicoli. 

Inspector Colin Sheldon prosecuted.

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