‘I'm an idiot for interfering’ says man charged over Floriana fight

The man said he had been ganged up and only threw the first punch out of ‘fear’

The man was granted bail against a deposit of €300 and personal guarantee of €1,700
The man was granted bail against a deposit of €300 and personal guarantee of €1,700

A man has admitted to grievously injuring his partner’s ex in a fight which took place at the Floriana granaries yesterday.

27-year-old Faris Mahmud Harith, a Syrian plasterer living in Cospicua was arraigned before magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech this morning, accused of grievously injuring a man and breaching the peace.

The court heard how the accused's partner was walking in Valletta when she allegedly bumped into her former boyfriend, after which a violent argument ensued.

Panicked and injured by the man, she had called up the accused who went straight to where she was - by that time Floriana - and attacked the group “out of fear”.

His lawyer, Mario Mifsud, argued that the man had gotten involved in something he knew nothing about, adding that the accused was outnumbered. 

“He went there and these men ganged up on him and so he threw first punch. He is very remorseful,” said the lawyer. “I’m an idiot for interfering,” added Harith, who had earlier told the court that he’d been in Malta for four years and had never been in trouble with the law.

The court was told that several other people were due to face charges in connection with the incident.

Although he initially denied the charges, the accused changed his plea to an admission during the sitting. His lawyer highlighted the fact that the man had a spotless criminal record and that the incident had been provoked by others.

The court granted Harith bail against a deposit of €300 and personal guarantee of €1,700 and imposed a protection order until the man is sentenced on 13 March.

Inspector Jeffrey Scicluna prosecuted.