Cost-saving cannabis importation plan backfires

Rather than save some money, the man ended up walking away with a €1,500 fine

(File Photo)
(File Photo)

A man's plan to receive cannabis resin in the mail from a relative abroad in an effort to save on costs has backfired spectacularly with the man being handed with a large fine for his trouble.

42-year-old Alberto Taravilla Marin, from Spain and residing in Lija, imported some 100g of cannabis resin for his personal use, but was intercepted by the police. The accused was arrested after a controlled delivery was carried out. The drugs had been sent by his brother from the USA because they are cheaper there, the court was told today.

Before magistrate Monica Vella this afternoon, Taravilla Marin pleaded guilty to charges of having imported a dangerous drug and possession of cannabis.

The court warned the man that he could face prison for his actions, but he reiterated his guilty plea.

His lawyer and the prosecutor approached the bench, where the case was discussed privately with the magistrate. 

At the request of the defence, the prosecution declared that the drugs were clearly intended for personal use.

The court declared the man guilty and conditionally discharged him for three years.

A fine of €1,500 was also imposed, which the man is allowed to pay in instalments.

Police Inspector Jonathan Cassar prosecuted.

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