Man sentenced to one year in prison for knife attack

The court sentenced the man to a year in prison and fined him €116.47 for the 2010 attack

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(File Photo)

A man 43-year-old man has been sentenced to prison for a year and fined €116.47 for using a knife to grievously injure another man in the face.

Said Bouslama was charged with theft, grievous bodily harm, holding someone against his will, recidivism, and having an irregular and unlicensed weapon.

The incident occurred in the vicinity of Empire Cinema in Bugibba and dates back to December 2009.

The victim, Anaclet Kumbi, claimed that he had been out of his apartment to buy a can of tomatoes from a shop in the vicinit. His mother called his phone and he picked up and started having a conversation.

“I was gesticulating and moving my arms while talking to my mother,” he told the court, when he noticed that a blue Pajero was following him.

Three men were in the car, Kumbi claimed, but only one of them got out and pushed Kumbi against the wall, asking him why he had extended his middle finger at them.

Kumbi said that he wasn’t but his pleas did not deter Bouslama from choking him and pulling out a knife with a blue hilt.

“He pointed this knife in my face while saying Zakama in my ear, it’s an insult,” Kumbi told the court, adding that the defendant had tried to force him to enter the Pajero with the two other men but Kumbi refused.

After a scuffle, Bouslama left in the Pajero and the victim ran to the closest police station in Qawra.

Police testified that Kumbi had wounds in his ears and under his nose “clearly administered with a sharp knife.” Kumbi required four stitches under his nose and another eight in his ears as a result of the incident.

On showing Kumbi a police line-up, the victim was unable to identify anyone but told the police that he clearly remembered a blue Mitsubishi Pajero which the defendant had used.

Police eventually showed the victim a photo of the accused and Kumbi said that he recognised him. “I’m certain. It’s him,” he said.

On hearing all the witnesses and the compilation of evidence, the court sentenced Bouslama to a year in prison and fined him €116.47.

Inspectors Fabian Fleri and Anthony Portelli prosecuted.

Neville Camilleri was the presiding magistrate.