Elderly man injured by thief who stole his wife's necklace

The man took off with the necklace and left the elderly husband prostrate on the ground

The elderly man suffered serious injuries
The elderly man suffered serious injuries

Police said that an elderly man was severely injured when a thief approached the elderly man's wife in an attempt to the steal the necklace around her neck.

The incident took place on Saturday at around 7:30pm on Nicolo Isouard Street in Sliema.

A thief allegedly approached the 87-year-old woman and the 91-year-old man, ripped the necklace from around the woman's neck and pushed the elderly man who consequently fell to the ground.

The thief ran off with the necklace.

An ambulance was called on site and transported the man to Mater Dei hospital for treatment. He is currently recovering from serious injuries.

Police investigations are ongoing.