Sliema drugs raid woman pleads to court: 'My daughter is doing her first holy communion on Friday'

A woman and a man have been charged with drug trafficking offences after a raid on a Sliema residence two days ago

Mother-of-two, Sabrina Grech appealed to the court for sympathy this morning after being charged with drug trafficking offences along with a male accomplice.

Appearing in front of Magistrate Rachel Montebello, the 29-year-old woman from Sliema, tearfully pleaded with the court that she did not deserve prison.

“I have only been using drugs for two years. My children are aged 10 and 6. My daughter is doing her first holy communion on Friday,” she sobbed.

Faced with the prospect of over three years in jail, Grech pleaded not guilty to the charges. Bail was not requested at this stage.

“I met a man and these things starting happening,” Grech told the court. She was remanded in custody.

Police charged Grech and 42-year-old Glenn Busuttil from Attard with drug trafficking offences after a raid on a Sliema property two days ago.

Officers from the Drugs Squad made several arrests at the property in Amery Street, Sliema on Tuesday. Busuttil and Grech were arraigned separately on Thursday by police inspectors Mark Mercieca and Justine Grech.

Unemployed Busuttil was charged with trafficking cocaine, heroin and cannabis, while Grech was charged with trafficking those drugs as well as aggravated possession of the same. She was also charged with possession of false currency and breaching bail.

Inspector Mercieca informed the court that Busuttil was trafficking small amounts of drugs in order to sustain a drug habit.

Busuttil pleaded guilty, confirming his admission after being given time to reconsider. The magistrate sentenced the man to three years in prison plus a fine of €2,500. He was also placed under a treatment order for four years and ordered to pay the costs of court experts appointed for the inquiry.

Whilst in prison he will be given treatment to overcome his drug addiction, explained the court, adding that this would continue even after his release.

Lawyer Joseph Bonnici appeared as legal aid for both accused persons.

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