Alleged member of Marsa robbery gang denied bail

A man who is allegedly part of a gang that robbed a man in Marsa has been remanded in custody after denying the charges  

A man, recognised as being one of a gang that robbed a man in Marsa, has been remanded in custody after denying related charges on Friday morning.

24-year-old Isak Ali Adan from Somalia was arraigned by Inspector Robert Vella before Magistrate Doreen Clarke on Friday morning, accused of theft which was aggravated by numerical violence, value and time. The term “numerical violence” indicates that more than one perpetrator was involved in the commission of the offence. He was also charged with recidivism.

The victim, a man, was allegedly attacked and robbed by a gang of four men in Marsa. He later pointed out Adan to the police. The stolen money was found in Adan’s possession.

Investigations into the other three aggressors are understood to be ongoing.

Adan, who is unemployed and lives at the Hal Far tent village, pleaded not guilty.

He declared himself to be not guilty of the charges. Bail was not asked for as the man has no fixed address.

Lawyer Yanika Bugeja appeared as legal aid counsel to the accused.