21-year-old who injured father with a knife released from arrest

A man accused of threatening and injuring his father without the intention to kill has been released on bail

A 21-year-old man accused of threatening and injuring his father without the intention to kill was released from arrest. 

On 21 July around 7pm, the accused had an argument with his father—the relationship between the two was described as rocky. 

The accused immediately admitted to the charges and to having inflicted slight injuries without the intent to place his relative’s life in immediate danger.

He also pleaded guilty to causing his father to fear violence.

Prosecuting Inspector Robert Vella informed the court that up to 10 days ago, the accused was being followed by a Probation Officer, but the situation with his relatives, particularly his father, had once again spiralled out of control.

The prosecution asked the court to issue a protection order for the victim’s benefit.

The court presided over by magistrate Charmaine Galea, warned the man that his guilty plea could possibly lead to a maximum seven-year jail term.

In view of the accused’s guilty plea and his previous trouble, the Court called for a pre-sentencing report to be drawn up by the same officer who had previously followed the accused.

Meanwhile, the Court granted the man bail under strict orders not to approach the family home, or seek to make contact with his father in any manner.

He was further ordered to sign the bail book on Mondays and Saturdays sometime between 8am and 8pm and to abide by the bail conditions against a personal guarantee of €2,000.

Lawyer Christopher Chircop was legal aid counsel.