Accused of domestic violence attacks policewoman in the courtroom

The man screamed profanities and insulted prosecuting officer Kylie Borg as he squeezed her arm

The man was escorted back to prison and the hearing continued without him
The man was escorted back to prison and the hearing continued without him

A man who was charged with domestic violence against his parents, physically and verbally attacked the prosecuting police officer in the courtroom.

The incident happened on Monday when the man, who will not be named to protect his parents, was charged with causing his mother and father to fear for their lives.

"Look what you’ve done to me! You’ve destroyed everything I had — my marriage, my money, my life. You’re sending me back to prison," he screamed in court as another police officer held him down.

The man was escorted to Division 6 at Corradino Correctional Facility and the hearing, presided by Magistrate Charmaine Galea, carried on without him.

In court it emerged that yesterday in Żebbuġ, at around 11.15pm, the accused approached his parents’ house, clearly intoxicated on some substance, and caused damage to his mother’s car amounting to more than €2,500. 

He also damaged the family’s front door of the house.

On Monday, defence counsel Michael Tanti-Dougall warned his client to sit down and calm himself as even before the prosecution turned up, he seemed agitated and even uttered profanities to indicate his unwillingness to be "imprisoned again".

Acceding to his client’s wishes, the defence asked the magistrate to ask the press to leave the courtroom due to the sensitive nature of the case.

But 15 minutes later, however, members of the press returned to find that the accused was screaming profanities, insulting prosecuting officer Kylie Borg and squeezing her arm, telling her that she had ruined his life and that she had shattered any chances he had with his present girlfriend.

Prison personnel from outside the courtroom then escorted the accused to prison. He kept screaming and calling the prosecuting officer names up until he left the building. 

Borg was emotional but showed resilience as she returned to the courtroom and addressed the accused’s father who was to testify. 

Proceedings continued in the courtroom but the press was told to remain outside.