Corradino prisoner says ‘arrogant’ director preventing him from marrying partner

Prisoner says Corradino Correctional Facility director is “abusive” obstacle preventing him from getting married

A couple has filed a judicial protest against the Director General of the Kordin Correctional Facility, claiming that the latter would not allow them to marry. 

Yousef Essesi is currently serving a prison sentence. Essesi and his partner, Meliza Muscat, have agreed to marry but claim that the prison director is an “abusive” obstacle that prevents them from doing so. 

“The protestants have a right to marry based on the rights of the protection of the family as listed in the Constitution of Malta and also protected by Fundamental Human Rights. The prison director is refusing to allow the detainee to leave prison with an escort for the sole purpose of marrying his partner,” the judicial protest reads, adding that this is normal protocol for inmates who wish to marry.

The judicial protest, filed by lawyer Edward Gatt, described the prison director as “arrogant” and in breach of constitutional rights. 

The protestors ask the Director General to allow them to marry within three days after the letter has been filed in the court registry and will hold him liable if this is prevented.