Raver caught with 66 drug sachets denied bail

The man hid the drugs in the lining of his shorts, and had also resisted arrest

One of many alleged drug pushers at a party in Rabat was brought before the court today after he was caught with 66 sachets of ‘white substance’ the night of the party. 

Ralph Harry Anthony was in tears before magistrate Doreen Clarke. Behind him, in the courtroom, his mother and father were also visibly moved. 

Court proceedings took place in English for the benefit of the accused, who is from Britain.

Police officers testified today saying that on the night between 15 August and 16 August, while they were on duty at the party, they spotted two young men surrounded by a group of people. 

When police went to investigate, both young men took off and eventually caught. 

“I can identify that the person I caught is the man in this courtroom today. He resisted arrest. It took more than five minutes to control him,” Inspector Anthony Scerri said. 

He added that the incident took place at around 1.30am and even while police officers were putting handcuffs on the young man, he was resisting arrest.

“On his person, specifically in the lining of his shorts, we found a total of 66 sachets of white substance,” Scerri continued.  

Presiding magistrate Doreen Clarke denied bail. 

Anthony Scerri prosecuted.