Jordan Azzopardi fined €3,500 in two court cases

Court fines Azzopardi for carrying a metal knuckleduster, and driving without a licence in two cases unconnected to ongoing criminal proceedings over drug trafficking 

Two courts have fined Jordan Azzopardi a total of €3,500 over the past two days, in cases not related to his ongoing drug trafficking compilation of evidence.

Azzopardi, who is currently being held without bail at Corradino Correctional Facility, appeared in court this morning for sentencing in a case relating to his being found to be carrying a metal knuckleduster without a licence, last February, whilst at the Malta International Airport. Inspector Silvio Magro prosecuted.

He had admitted the charges in June and the case was put off till today for sentencing.

Magistrate Astrid May Grima found him guilty on his own admission and imposed a fine of €1,000.

Earlier this week, Azzopardi was also charged over an incident in St. Julian’s dating back to October 2017 when he had beaten up a man who owed him money. Azzopardi had been driving in St. George’s road when he had spotted the man, pulled over and attacked him.

But when the case was called, the alleged victim told the court that he could not remember the incident and insisted that he did not want to testify.

This meant that he could only be found guilty of other offences which did not require the complaint of the injured party, argued his lawyers Franco Debono and Amadeus Cachia.

Magistrate Victor George Axiaq, having heard submissions made by both defence and prosecution, declared Azzopardi guilty of driving without a licence and insurance at the time the incident took place.

For this offence, Azzopardi was fined €2,500 and had his driving licence revoked.

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