Police find a collection of dead protected birds in Mosta shop

A man was spotted entering a Mosta shop holding a dead eagle

Carcasses of protected birds found in Mosta shop
Carcasses of protected birds found in Mosta shop

Over 53 dead birds, most of which are protected by law, have been discovered inside a shop and a residence in Mosta.

The Administrative Law Enforcement unit said in a statement that a number of these dead birds had been refrigerated for stuffing.

At around noon on Saturday, a man was spotted entering a shop on Triq Guzeppi Callus in Mosta holding what looked like a dead eagle.

Police immediately stormed the shop and found 53 dead birds inside a fridge at the end of the shop, mostly eagles, storks and ducks.

In a separate search made inside a Mosta house, belonging to the 32-year-old man, some undeclared amount of birds were found here too.

Earlier this week, Birdlife Malta claimed that out of a flock of 15 rare and highly-protected Short-toed Eagles (Ajkla Bajda), only one of them likely survived a shooting spree in Buskett. 

All the man's bird carcasses were confiscated and the man is being held for questioning.

Police investigations continue.