Three men arrested after drug bust

Arrests made after police catch men with drugs in circumstances which indicate the substances were not for their personal use

The bags containing drugs discovered by the police
The bags containing drugs discovered by the police

Three men have been arrested after being caught in possession of drugs in circumstances which indicated the illegal substances were not solely for their own use.

Two of the men, both from Qormi and aged 26 and 21 respectively, were arrested after Special Intervention Unit police who were on duty in St Julian’s noticed them acting suspiciously in Triq Dragonara.

After witnessing one of the taking out a container from his car, they approached the men and searched them. The container was found to contain cannabis, while one of the men also had €1,300 in cash on him.

A search of the residence of one of the men also turned up sachets containing cannabis and two bag containing a substance suspected to be cocaine.

The police also arrested a 27-year-old man from Żebbuġ in connection with the case.

Magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech has launched an inquiry into the case. Police investigations are ongoing.

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