Jailed pickpocket is jailed again

Woman earns herself an extended stay in prison after admitting to more pickpocketing crimes

The 34-year-old woman was sentenced to five months in prison
The 34-year-old woman was sentenced to five months in prison

A pickpocket who was jailed last August after pleading guilty to theft charges, has earned herself an extended stay at Corradino Correctional Facility after being convicted of further pickpocketing crimes.

34-year old Bulgarian national Ginka Sandeva, who has no fixed abode and no employment in Malta, pleaded guilty to theft this morning, after police investigations tied her to two pickpocketing thefts that took place in Valletta this summer.

In late July, Sandeva stole a wallet containing cash, credit cards and personal documents, from a shop on Strait Street. Three days later, on 1 August, the woman stole an envelope full of cash.

In both cases, the amount stolen exceeded €232, but was under €2,329.

Having heard the woman admit the charges, Magistrate Claire Stafrace Zammit, declared Sandeva guilty and sentenced her to five months in prison, noting her early guilty plea and that the stolen money had been paid back in full.

Inspector Jeffrey Scicluna prosecuted.

Lawyer Shaheryar Ghaznavi was defence counsel.

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