Why Torċa poll mirrors MaltaToday results… but gives Labour a tiny boost

Take a look at that MaltaToday data once again...

The latest Torċa survey carried out by pollster Vincent Marmarà has mirrored earlier data by MaltaToday’s survey. 

Marmarà gives a higher boost to Labour supporters in his data, by assuming that when respondents say they don’t know which party they would vote for in an election, this result can be split proportionately on those who say they will vote Labour or Nationalist. 

In MaltaToday’s survey, 42% said they would vote Labour if an election is held tomorrow; 33.6% said they would vote PN, while 13.3% are still undecided. The MaltaToday survey, unlike Marmarà’s, does not make an imputation on the ‘don’t knows’ and does not discard the data from respondents who say they would not vote.

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An extrapolation of this 13% of undecided voters, would deliver the following result: 54.9% voting Labour and 43.8% voting PN. And that is almost exactly Marmara’s data that gives Labour 55.5% of the vote and the PN 42%.