Labour Party presents 70 candidates contesting 3 June election

Of the 70 candidates running for the 3 June election sunder the Labour Party ticket, 11 are women and 24 are under 40 years of age

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat today called on the electorate to vote for the 70 Labour Party candidates in the upcoming 3 June election to ensure the best possible future for Malta.

Muscat, who was addressing an event to introduce the final list of candidates who will be contesting the election on the PL ticket, said that 11 of the candidates were women and that 24 were under 40 years of age.

“The Labour Party’s manifesto for this election was far more ambitious than the programme presented four years ago and up on which the government’s economic and social successes were built,” Muscat said.

He said the new programme was not restricted to the next five years but was instead focused on setting the foundations for generations to come.

Proposed projects like a rapid mass transit system, a major road resurfacing effort and an under-sea tunnel linking between Malta and Gozo were all intended to serve the country for decades to come.

“The programme focuses on standard of living for all Maltese families, as evident in the inclusion of major proposals aimed at providing family members greater quality time together,” Muscat said.

He said he was proud that the Labour Party was unapologetically feminist, as proven in its proposals to have greater female representation in the judiciary and on government boards.

Muscat insisted that a new Labour government – that had already proven to deliver on its promises – would prove that Malta’s best days were yet to come. The list of candidates presented would make sure that happened, he said.