Muscat and Busuttil head to the clubs … for party youth activities

Joseph Muscat will be address Labour youth supporters at Uno Village tonight while Nationalist Party leader Simon Busuttil heads to Sky Club

Both Labour and PN's youth sections are organising a final activity tonight ahead of the election
Both Labour and PN's youth sections are organising a final activity tonight ahead of the election

Joseph Muscat and Simon Busuttil are bound to have a flashback moment tonight as they both step into two of Malta’s most popular nightlife spots to address their respective party’s youth sections one last time before Saturday’s election.

Labour Party leader Muscat will be heading to Uno Village in Ta Qali to address party youth supporters at a rally, the last in a series organised by the Forum Zghazagh Laburisti (FZL) throughout the election campaign.

Busuttil, on the other hand, will be making an appearance at Sky Club in St Julian’s to address young Nationalist supporters at an activity organised by the Moviment Zghazagh Partit Nazzjonalista (MZPN).

Both leaders will need to keep their campaign hat on as they had to a night at the clubs after an exhausting day – the 30th in this campaign, with two more two go before the traditional day of silence on Friday.

Muscat is scheduled to address a political activity in Marsascala at 6.30pm before heading to another activity in Qormi at 8pm.

Only once that is over, will he head to Ta’ Qali to let his hair down with the members of the FZL and party supporters.

Busuttil too will need to hustle as he will be addressing a mass meeting in Victoria in Gozo, scheduled for 6.30pm.

He will then have to head back to Malta and St Julian’s to address PN supporters at the MZPN activity.

The participation of both parties’ youth sections in the electoral campaign has picked up considerably this year, and both FZL and MZPN kept up a constant, refreshing presence on social media and on the ground.

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