ADPD calls for pink tax ban, fixed term parliament, and clearer law on abortion

ADPD launches an 83-page manifesto with their stance of constitutional reform, gender equality, sexual health and corruption

ADPD - The Green Party want a fixed term parliament, a ban on pink tax, and a clearer law regulating abortion in Malta, according to their manifesto for the coming election. 

Published on Wednesday, the 83-page manifesto outlines key areas of interest for the party together with their stance on each issue. 

Among the proposals put forward is to have full-time MPs and a yearly state grant for political parties that enjoy at least 1% of the electoral vote.

ADPD further proposed to prohibit donations exceeding €5,000 a year from one person towards a political party. 

Regarding the constitution ADPD suggested that the proportionality mechanism in elections should kick in for all parties with at least a 2.5% share of the electorate. 

The parliament should have a fixed term, and digital rights should be newly enshrined into the constitution, the party pledged. 

ADPD suggested that the president of the republic should be elected by an electoral college with representatives from local councils. 

On corruption, the party called for an inquiry into the long-term public contracts entered into by government after the 2013 election, especially the Electrogas and Vitals contracts.

Apart from a ban on pink tax practices, ADPD stated that non-binary people should be afforded the right to change their name. 

On abortion, the party said that the laws surrounding therapeutic abortion needs to be made clearer. It noted that doctors already prioritise the life of the mother when the pregnancy is unviable.

The party went on to reiterate Malta's duty to shelter migrants fleeing from Libya, while recognising the EU's responsibility in alleviating migration pressures. 

ADPD is contesting the election under the campaign slogan "Green Sweeps Clean", or "Xkupa Ħadra Tnaddaf". The party is fielding candidates on every district.