Greylist effects will remain after Malta is removed from list, Bernard Grech warns

Restoring Malta's reputation will help attract more opportunities for the island, the Nationalist Party leader says

The economic effects of the FATF greylisting will be felt even after Malta is removed from the list, Nationalist Party leader Bernard Grech warned. 

During a political activity on Thursday, Grech cautioned that things won't change overnight if Malta is removed from the FATF's so-called greylist of countries that need increased monitoring.

"We will continue to feel certain effects," he said. "That's why it's important for us to get off the list as soon as possible."

Last week Bernard Grech pledged to get Malta off the FATF greylist in the span of three months if elected into government.

He said that restoring the country's reputation will help attract more opportunities at an individual and national level. 

Grech recalled a previous pledge by the party to create 10 new economic sectors through a €1 billion investment package. 

He then maintained that the Labour Party failed to create any new sectors while in government since 2013. 

"And you know how they're defending their actions? They keep telling you that all polticians are the same. No, politicians aren't all the same. There are some good elements in the Labour Party, but the Nationalist Party has all the elements needed to create wealth for people."

Grech briefly touched on the metaverse, one of the 10 new sectors pledged by the party. He said that emerging metaverse technology is full of opportunity, and not just for entertainment sectors like esports and gaming. 

"It can apply to AI, and even to health - imagine the wealth you can create if you vote for the Nationalist Party," he said. 

Independent candidate rejoins the PN

During a brief speech before Grech, independent councillor George Muscat announced that he would like to rejoin the Nationalist Party.

Muscat is a former PN candidate. He withdrew his candidature on the sixth district and cancelled his membership with the party in June last year. 

At the time, he warned that the party lacked vision. He stepped away from the Nationalist Party but remained an independent local councillor in Ħal Qormi.

"I am asking the Nationalist Party to again be a councillor under the party," he said as the crowd applauded.

Grech welcomed him back to the party as the crowd cheered. He thanked Muscat for his work as a Nationalist and independent candidate.