2006 rationalisation process must stop, ADPD insists

ADPD want the approved rationalisation process to be scrapped completely, with regular revisions to the local plans

ADPD - The Green Party wants the approved rationalisation plans from 2006 to be scrapped completely, with regular revisions to local plans. 

During a press conference on Sunday, ADPD Chairperson Carmel Cacopardo reiterated the party's pledge to stop all rationalisation processes following the approved 2006 local plans. 

"A local plan isn't done once in 2006 and just left there. Local plans need regular revision," Cacopardo stated.

This is not the first time that ADPD called for the rationalisation plans to be scrapped. In its 2013 manifesto, the party said that the rationalisation process must be reversed for all land that is yet to be developed. 

In their 2022 manifesto, the party reiterates that the local plans need to be revised on a regular basis, and the approved rationalisation plan from 2006 needs to be erased. 

"There is a substantial part of this land that remains untouched, and it is still possible to protect it," the manifesto reads.

However, Cacopardo added that the land decisions can be reversed without right to compensation, so long as the land hasn't been developed since 2006.

Stop destroying Gozo

During the press conference, Cacopardo and ADPD spokesperson Luke Caruana said that Gozo is being destroyed, while adding that arable land needs to be protected in order to safeguard Malta's food security.

The conference happened days after the Planning Authority green-lighted a megadevelopment on an area of arable land in Sannat.

Cacopardo recalled a landmark court case decided on by Judge Wenzu Mintoff, where he reflected on the utility and value of agriculture.

In the sentence, the court said that more value and weight needs to be given to farmers working agricultural land.

Cacopardo added that such decisions by the Planning Authority leave an impact on food provision, forcing the country to depend on imported food while putting the livelihoods of farmers at risk.

He pointed out that the Labour Party is pledging to create green spaces in urban areas, all while arable land is eaten up by developers.

"At the end of the day, the Labour and Nationalist Party are in cahoots with the money-makers, against the common citizen and our environment," Cacopardo stressed.

Luke Caruana spoke about the proposed tunnel linking Malta and Gozo by car. He said that the tunnel would lead to fianncial and environmental ruin, and should be scrapped entirely.

He added that the tunnel project would create irreversible environmental damage, both at the Gozitan side in Nadur as well as in the surroundings of tal-Għerien in Mellieħa.

 Likewise, Caruana said that the proposed airport for small aircraft should be taken off the table, especially when similar experiments with helicopter flights in the past were not deemed viable. 

Instead, Caruana suggested that other services should be extended, such as more berthing points for the fast ferry.

Luke Caruana: PN and PL can’t remain hard headed on the issue between Malta and Gozo (tunnel)