Bernard Grech promises new MCAST campus in Gozo

He promised to set up a new MCAST campus in Gozo with a range of courses that can prepare students for new sectors

A PN government will bring MCAST to Gozo, offering specialised courses, Bernard Grech said while taking part in a political dialogue organised by the MCAST Student Council.  

Grech said that Gozitan’s should be given the opportunity to attend MCAST without having to travel down to Malta.  

The PN leader said that MCAST was a dream of the PN and was carried out by a PN government, and today has become a success story. 

Grech went on to quote the PN manifesto, which proposed to introduce an apprenticeship scheme for the youth to prepare them for the world if a PN government was elected.  

He stressed that from an early age, he had contributed to voluntary activities, and as such, it is close to his heart.  

Grech said that while money was important, it was not everything. “there are other things that give you satisfaction in life.” 

The PN leader said that a PN government would increase stipends by 25% to encourage more young people to participate in voluntary activities and contribute to society. 

He said that young people are the present and future of the country and have a lot to offer society.  

“There is a need for more young people to take ownership of the issues that are going on in our country,” Grech said.  

The PN leader said that this election of the youth as 16-year-olds will be able to vote for the first time, and they will be able to say where they want to take the country in the coming years.   

He also mentioned the investment that will be made in ten new economic sectors which he said will generate money in the country, create jobs, while not harming the environment. 

Students had an opportunity to ask Grech questions. One student asked what the PN proposes for those students who are working and studying at the same time in order to earn money. He said that the PN does not believe in a policy where checks are sent on the eve of the election. He said that aid needed to instead be given whenever people need it. 

Another student asked what the PN proposes for the arts sector. Grech said that the arts sector was very dear to his heart. “The cultural and arts sector is an integral part of Malta, and I want to help this sector grow fully.” 

The PN leader said that a PN government would help those who choose this sector as a profession through a more advantageous tax rate. 

Another proposal is a grant of €500 to each young person who wants to gain experience abroad. 

‘Strengthen the healthcare sector’   

Grech also spoke about the health sector; he said a PN government wanted to strengthen the framework for the prevention and treatment of diabetes under the guise of a national strategy against the condition. He said that continuing Continuous Glucose Monitors will be provided to all type 1 diabetes patients for free. 

The PN will also draw up a national action plan for specialised care and open specialised health centres for the conditions that are the cause of the deterioration of the quality of life, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease and dementia. 

Turning to the environment, Grech said that a PN government would follow the concept of the ESG criteria where those who will comply with these criteria will be rewarded in order to protect the environment.