Greens thank 5,500 voters in 2013 election

Green Party Alternattiva Demokratika expressed its satisfaction that it had increased the vote from 1.3% in 2008 to around 1.8% today, the highest since the founding of the party back in 1989.

AD Chairperson Michael Briguglio said: "We are happy that we increased the overall vote by more than 1,500 votes up to around 5,500, by around 40%. This is a historic result for AD, which, although did not translate itself to parliamentary representation, augurs well for the role of Malta's third party. On behalf of AD I thank the persons who stood up to be counted through their green vote."

AD got 1.69% of the vote back in 1992 and since then its share of the national vote fell to 1.3% in 2008.