Chamber of Commerce congratulates Muscat

The Malta Chamber of Commerce wishes newly elected PM Joseph Muscat a successful term in government and looks forward to working closely his government.

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry congratulated new Prime Minister Joseph Muscat for his election.

In a letter sent to Muscat, the chamber's president Stefano Mallia said that the electorate had given a strong message in favour of the Labour Party and its electoral programme.

Mallia added that the chamber looks forward to working closely with Muscat and his Cabinet to assist in the implementation of Labour's economic programme so as to ensure the highest benefit for the country and the business community.

Furthermore, the Malta Chamber declared that it was eager to see the resumption of social dialogue through the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development (MCESD).

Mallia said: "MCESD must resume at the earliest possible opportunity. Healthy industrial relations can only be maintained through regular social dialogue. Employers, Unions, Civil Society and Government must resume their dialogue to ensure that as a country we can continue on the path of stability, growth and prosperity. The Chamber looks forward to establishing such a dialogue with the new administration".

The Malta Chamber pointed out that the country continued to face huge challenges but it was confident that together with the new government, the private sector would be able to continue generating further growth and prosperity.

While wishing Muscat a successful term in government, the Malta Chamber concluded by inviting him to meet its members at the earliest possible opportunity.