Cassola: Muscat and Delia ‘shameless hypocrites’ on racism they fomented

Independent candidate issues statement after voting closes accusing party leaders of harbouring racists within their ranks, and presenting them as candidates

Independent candidate Arnold Cassola
Independent candidate Arnold Cassola

Independent candidate Arnold Cassola, a former Green Party chairperson and candidate, issued a statement after voting closed, accusing both Joseph Muscat and Adrian Delia of irresponsible conduct on the issue of migration and racism.

“I must express my disgust at the hypocrisy of Muscat and Delia, who shed crocodile tears on discovering that representatives of the state, two soldiers entrusted with the security of our country, are the alleged authors of a cold-blooded racial murder.

“Apart from Norman Lowell's appalling Nazi theories, it is also these two leaders who are responsible for all this since they are harbouring racists within their ranks, and even presenting them as candidates in yesterday’s elections.”

Cassola said that only a few years ago, European Commissioner responsible for migration Cecilia Malmström had been the subject of hate comments on Maltese social media.

“And what does Joseph Muscat do? He now presents him as star candidate for St Paul’s Bay local council. Will we now have a Labour racist mayor in multi-ethnic St Paul’s Bay? A few years ago, a Labour MP had suggested in parliament that a separate bus service for migrants ought to be introduced on the Birzebbugia route. Pre-Martin Luther King days at their best. And what does Joseph Muscat do? He now presents this man as his MEP candidate,” he said, referring to Joe M. Sammut.

“Another guy, this time PN, has been ranting that migrants are taking over shops in Marsa and Hamrun and that this is affecting the Hamrun and Marsa community,” Cassola said, referring to Dione Borg. “And what does Adrian Delia do? He now presents him as an MEP candidate.”

Cassola said that Muscat and Delia presenting themselves as the paladins of anti-racism was shameless hypocrisy.

“If you were really anti-racist, you would have by now long kicked out of your political parties the three persons mentioned above. Instead, you present them as candidates. To quote the famous Konrad Mizzi: Shame on both of you.”

“And Mr Prime Minister, no amount of posing for photos and selfies with non-Caucasian adolescents is going to absolve you of your historical responsibility in fomenting racism in Malta.”