Update 2 | Turnout is now at 72.6%, two points down from 2014 as polls close

Polls in Malta closed at 10pm with a 72% turnout • People have voted to elect six MEPs and hundreds of local councillors

Polling stations in Malta at 7am and closed at 10pm (Photo: DOI)
Polling stations in Malta at 7am and closed at 10pm (Photo: DOI)

Polls in Malta have closed after 15 hours of voting in which people were asked to choose their MEPs and councillors who will run the 68 localities.

Malta voted today, with another three EU countries in the European Parliament election. There were 332,888 people eligible to vote after 10% failed to collect their voting document. There were 41 candidates vying for Malta's six seats in the EP.

The turnout until 2pm stood at 32%. The country now awaits the final turnout, expected in the coming hours.

Ballot boxes will be sealed and transported from the various polling stations to the Naxxar counting hall.

On Sunday, MaltaToday will provide live coverage of the counting process, including analysis and commentary.


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