[WATCH] Historic win for Labour as it takes Siggiewi for the first time

The Labour Party obtained just 70 more first count votes than the PN as Mosta also switches from PN to Labour 

Kurstein Sant was elected the first Labour mayor of Qormi
Kurstein Sant was elected the first Labour mayor of Qormi

The Labour Party (PL) has made history by winning control of the Siggiewi local council for this first time since the local council system was introduced.

Just 70 first count votes separated the two parties, with Labour clinching 2,770 votes to the Nationalist Party’s (PN) 2,700.

Kurstein Sant will be mayor having collected the largest number of votes on the Labour side. Rodianne Haber, Dominic Grech and Adrian Farrugia are the other Labour councillors.

Alessia Psaila Zammit clinched most votes on the PN’s side, followed by Julian Borg and Franciane Farrugia.

After clinching Valletta for the first time, the PL has now also secured Siggiewi, a traditionally Nationalist locality.

Going into tonight’s counting session, there were already some indications that Siggiewi might flip to Labour since the party received more votes than the PN from the locality in Saturday’s European Parliament election.

Shortly after winning Siggiewi, the Labour Party also clinched the Mosta local council from the PN. The locality was won by a slim majority last time round, having been won by the Labour Party in 2007 and 2012. 

Romilda Zarb Baldacchino was elected mayor for the Labour Party.