Miriam Dalli says policymakers should trigger change towards clean energy

PL MEP Miriam Dalli said policymakers should not wait for change to happen, but trigger change towards clean energy 

Policymakers should not wait for change to happen and then regulate, but work and support the transition towards clean energy, PL MEP Miriam Dalli has told a European Commission conference on sustainable energy policy issues.

“Member States need to translate the commitments on paper to action. If we take the Paris Agreement as an example, the ambitious target is there but when it comes down to legislation, the Member States keep fending off,” Dr Dalli said, as she urged legislators to support the industry in pushing the boundaries.

BirdLife Malta also urged policymakers to give importance to the environment and to put its verbal commitments into real actions.

Miriam Dalli, whose parliamentary work on environment and the transition to clean energy has been recognized multiple times, was chosen by European Commissioner for Energy & Climate Action, Miguel Canete, as one of this year’s ambassadors for the EU Sustainable Energy Week.

The week-long conference, in its 13th edition, has attracted over 3,000 participants from public authorities, energy agencies, industry associations, businesses, civil society organisations and the media.

Dalli insisted that without innovation, the European Union will lose out on huge opportunities. “Sometimes it’s like we’re talking about the economy, the environment, the industry and jobs in silos… as if they were separate or contradictory to one another. In reality, they are complementary and we can bring about huge change if we realize the potential that exists.”

Taking her legislative file as an example, Dalli explained that the right policy can trigger the change needed to help switch to zero- and low-emission vehicles.

“Traffic and high pollution are one of the major problems in many EU countries and cities. Making sure that we move towards the decarbonisation of transport has always been a subject close to my heart. This legislation has given me the opportunity to work harder on this,” Dalli said when asked what inspired her to embark on this journey.

“We must exploit this challenge in the transition towards cleaner energy as well as seize the opportunity to propose traffic solutions.”

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