[WATCH] What way forward for the UK? We asked ‘Brexpats’ and tourists in Bugibba

Looking for some unrepentant Brexiteers inside their natural habitat of Bugibba

British PM Theresa May
British PM Theresa May
Brexit: We asked British expats and tourists what they think

British Prime Minister Theresa May suffered a crushing defeat on Tuesday evening when her Brexit deal was voted down in the House of Commons with a historic majority of 230 votes.

Both Brexiteer and pro-EU MPs on both sides of the House voted against May’s deal for an exit from the EU, with no prospect of securing any sort of alternative before the UK’s departure in March.

May had previously delayed the vote by a month after realising she had no support for the deal, but it did little to convince MPs that the agreement was satisfactory – with controversial topics like the infamous Irish Backstop forcing MPs to vote down the deal.

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The historic defeat resulted in Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn putting forward a vote of no confidence in the government.

Currently, Britain is still set to leave the European Union on 29 March, but remains in an uncertain situation, with no clear majority for a way forward in the House of Commons.

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