Police investigating internal abuse shows institutions are working, Prime Minister says

Prime Minister Robert Abela says the police are currently making 'difficult decisions' as they investigate alleged abuses by the traffic squad

Prime Minister Robert Abela
Prime Minister Robert Abela

Police are currently making "difficult decisions,” as they investigate alleged abuse perpetrated by the traffic squad, Prime Minister Robert Abela said.

Abela was speaking during a meeting with UHM, Voice of the Workers, at Castille on Thursday.

Abela said that the police force was investigating its own members, was a clear sign that the institutions were working, and that difficult decisions would continue to be taken.

These comments come amid an internal police investigation over widespread abuse involving more than half of the traffic branch. Police officers were allegedly receiving payments for extra duty on various road work projects but failing to turn up.

The widespread abuse was uncovered in an investigation that was prompted by a whistleblower.

On Thursday, the police said that 40 police officers have been arrested so far, of which 25 were granted bail and four have handed in their resignations.

Abela added that he looked forward to appointing a new police commissioner through a new method, assuring that when the time came there would be no political interference in police work.

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