St Edward’s, St Martin’s, San Anton schools are first to close down for March

St Edward’s and St Martin’s colleges, and San Anton school among first schools to announce temporary shut-down for Covid-19 containment

No more handshakes, as this St Edward's College boy demonstrates at school...
No more handshakes, as this St Edward's College boy demonstrates at school...

The private independent school St Edward’s College is the first school to announce a unilateral closure of the school, by extending its pre-set holidays in March to 23 March.

St Martin’s College and Chiswick House School, as well as San Anton School also announced a closure from Monday 16 March, for two weeks.

All schools said they were Covid-19 symptom free.

“After lengthy discussions with all stakeholders of our SEC community, I am informing you that we will be changing the dates of our holidays,” headmaster N. Mac an Bharid announced on Facebook.

There is no coronavirus scare inside the school, this newspaper was told.

The school will close tomorrow Friday, and up until 17 March, with pre-set holidays till Friday 20 March included, and stay shut right up to 23 March.

“These days (13th, 16th and 17th) will be either made up for as school days on our Easter break or the start of summer break. The decision as to when we will need to make up these days will be communicated to you shortly. I apologise for any inconvenience this might cause to holiday plans you might have made,” the headmaster said.

The decision is likely to lead to more pressure on schools which are reporting absences of 40% and upwards as parents keep children at home due to the Covid-19 coronavirus scare.